Get more streams on Spotify using public playlists


Get more streams on Spotify using public playlists

If you have your music on Spotify, you will know that the one problem is getting people to find you and stream your music. By following this simple article you can get more streams on Spotify using playlists in order to grow your artist fanbase.

Sure, you can rely on certain algorithms to put your music in front of potential listeners, but that’s a slow process. Frankly, your music isn’t going to get heard. In order to get more streams on Spotify you need a plan.

So how are you going to get heard on Spotify? … Playlists!

Put something into the search bar on Spotify and most likely you will see a bunch of public playlists, some with tens of thousands of followers. Now imagine you had a few of your songs in one of those playlists – with people shuffling the music, you’re going to get lots of consistent streams.

Not only this, but people who enjoy your music might follow you on Spotify and add your some of your music to their favourites (regular listening!). This means you will be able to grow your Spotify fanbase which is essential to getting more streams.

So how am I supposed to get my music into relevant public playlists on Spotify?

Assuming you have found some playlists that your music would fit in, look at who created the playlist. Many of times, playlists are created by ordinary people in which case you can put their name into Instagram or FaceBook and send them a message.

Be friendly and ask them if they can add your music to their playlist if they like it. If the playlist has a massive amount of followers you can potentially offer them a little bit of money through PayPal or something.

Easy right?

Get your music into a few playlists on Spotify and you will be building a fanbase and gathering streams on Spotify in no time! Of course, you won’t always be able to find the playlist owner but it’s definitely possible.

Somtimes there will be social links on the Spotify playlist owners profile so always check there as well…

Give it a go and let me know how it goes!

Tom PIper

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